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Blog: Samurai on bravery and action

Every person is born into a family with a certain traditional occupation, and this is not accidental.
A samurai inherits the cause of his ancestors by fulfilling the course drawn by karma.
A warrior is to follow the Way and fulfill his duty. If he is successful in accomplishing it, he would be able to settle his fate.

Knowledge and action should not be separated. 
Wang Yangming

Knowing and not acting is equal to not knowing!
If a man understands something, he acts in accordance with his understanding. He is just unable to behave in a different way. If a man does not act, it means he does not understand (does not realize). This is the philosophy of action.
Just like the body without a spirit is dead, your faith is dead without action.

kato kiyomasa quote

“Do not renounce the world. You are not the one who begins these wars. Mortals are unable to grasp the master plan of Providence. The world is complicated and full of contradictions. Life is a balance of contrasts and of incompatible things. 
You are a Warrior, so that is what God wants. That is your mission. Your duty is to be a Warrior. You cannot run from your duty, from your essence. Be yourself. That is the most important thing. Following that which you do not possess is dangerous. Let others sit under a tree and watch it grow. They need it, but you do not. True religion is what sprouts from the depths of the heart. Being a Warrior is your religion. Walk that path to the end.”

The Warrior, being a fearless person, is not afraid to go where his well-considered, spiritual Way calls him. Ha cannot resist following this call.
The Warrior possesses the will to move forward.

lotus tekisui quote

The inner law is above and beyond any conventions. The foundation of samurai’s moral is Bushi-Do. Even if there is a need to hide behind a mask, a samurai does not humiliate himself with weakness, because lying is a form of weakness. You may keep silent, but not lie. You may keep away from a situation in which any action becomes a mistake.
A samurai knows when to attack or retreat. But whatever he does, he does it calmly, absolutely consciously and with no trace of cowardice.

In battle, it is extremely important to keep one’s composure, self-control and a focused spirit.
The surface of calm water perfectly mirrors any object. But when the wind blows, little ripples completely distort the reflection making it unrecognizable. If a man succumbs to anger, worry, or fear, his mind will lose the ability to react and foresee an opponent’s movements, and the man will find himself defenseless in the face of danger.

Yamamoto Tsunetomo portrait

Lord Naoshige said, “The Way of the Samurai is in desperateness.
Ten men or more cannot kill such a man. Common sense will not accomplish great things. Simply become insane and desperate”. 
Yamamoto Tsunetomo

The Way to find courage is to seek it on the field of conflict.
And the sure way to victory is willingness to risk one's own life.
Masutatsu Oyama

A person who does not want to be struck by
the enemy's arrows will have no divine protection.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Go to the battlefield firmly confident of victory and
you will come home with no wounds whatsoever.
Samurai general Uesugi Kenshin

kobayashi issa poem

Engage in battle being absolutely sure in victory – and you will go through dangers unwounded.
Have a firm readiness to die and you will stay alive. If you try to survive in battle, you will definitely be killed.

Quotes are taken from
the book "Samurai. Spirit of the Warrior" by A. R. Basov

avaliable as an eBook (for Windows, Android, iOS) and a hardcover book (pre-order only).


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