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Nikola Tesla Art

Nikola Tesla Art Painting Portrait


Nikola Tesla Art Painting Portrait

Nikola Tesla Art: The Moment of Insight

Have you ever noticed that the greatest discoveries burst upon the mind of their inventors as if out of nowhere? They would focus on a certain branch of human activity and suddenly receive enlightenment in the form of knowledge. They had the abilities that enabled them to hear without listening, to see without looking, to know and to get information almost immediately, while being in tune with the Universe. The great physicist and visionary Nikola Tesla was one of such inventors. Tesla gave humanity a variety of breakthrough inventions and an even  larger number of mysteries that for various reasons have not reached us or were  intentionally kept secret by the genius himself. In my painting Tesla is portrayed with one of his humongous spiral coils. Many of his inventions were capable of miracles beyond human imagination. Deriving energy from the ether and transmitting it wirelessly over long distances was one of  Teslas major  developments. He demonstrated it numerous times, but in the end the secret was lost  Though, it is obvious that an infinite source of power could have radically changed the course of the whole civilization.
Every detail of the painting  carries a certain underlying meaning. The two books in the scientists lap  symbolize knowledge. The fireballs are soaring in the air due to Teslas astonishing connection with mysterious energy  sources of the universe that  he has harnessed by his boundless will. It is known that in the course of his experiments Tesla produced fireballs the size of a soccer ball and could hold them in his hands (while that kind of power could make his laboratory burn to the ground!), he played with them, put them into boxes, covered them with  lids and then took them out again.
In the painting, the spiral coil merges with the Universe  that, according to Nikola Teslas words, was the ultimate source of all of his ideas and discoveries.  Tesla is spiritually inspired by this divine Source of infinite energy and knowledge. This is the moment of deep Insight, when the Genius and the Universe become one 

"When I was a kid, it seemed to me that the mysterious spiritual world is somewhere nearby as if it starts right behind the corner of our world. It was absolutely clear to me that the matter unseen to the eye is real, and that you can communicate with it. I remember an innermost feeling of soaring, as if Im not only walking the earth but also flying somewhere high at the same time And working on Tesla has brought this feeling back. While I was absorbed in painting his thoughtful face and bright blue eyes, it felt like some invisible part of me left our material world, and there I was, living two parallel livesone here, sitting at my table and painting, and another one theresomewhere in the Universe at Teslas place, meeting the man who would greet me like an old friend, smiling across time and space. It is not the words that convey a message but the energy, and I hope that at least some part of that energy is present in my painting." 

~Tatiana Basova

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Original traditional painting

I can paint a custom version of this painting with acrylics.
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A video about the Nikola Tesla acrylic painting:

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