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Book: Samurai. Ascension.
(The Samurai Series)

Hardcover & PDF eBook

Samurai Ascension (Japan, Bushido) book ebook

As a classic hardcover limited edition illustrated by Tatiana Basova, who is also one of the translators and a Japanologist, it is pre-order only; it will take one month to fulfill your order.
The original artwork completes the exquisite design of the book. The fusion of the highest quality and sublime aesthetics makes the book a work of art in its own right. Only the finest European materials are used in the production of our books.
The text is printed on textured non-acid paper. Each book is sewn and bound by hand.
Each book is numbered.
The book contains 8 color illustrations, printed on special paper with a metallic surface, and translucent paper between pages. There are also many black and white illustrations that add special charm to the edition. The book will become a worthy acquisition for your library and will serve for generations.

Samurai. Ascension is the first book in the Samurai Tetralogy by A. R. Basov.

The image of the samurai, those stoic warriors, is shrouded in mystery. Their tracks can easily vanish in the past or become obscured in the future, but stay firmly rooted in our minds and in reality as they fearlessly follow the Way of the Warrior beyond time and space. The samurai spirit is still burning. Thousands of years from today the samurai might still contemplate the Beauty of Eternity during tea ceremony or open their eyes wide and smile in their Zero fighters enveloped in flames.

Are they ghosts of the past or messengers of the future? Who were these worshipers of beauty? These creators of an aesthete-murderer culture who lived on a razor’s edge and reveled in the taste of blood? Who were these valiant and virtuous warrior-philosophers who achieved ultimate freedom by rising above life and death?

Let us try to reassemble this mosaic to uncover their Way and the manner in which they created a heroic, vivid, and distinct model of existence that not only seems alien to us, but is antagonistic to our current reality.

Hardcover limited edition

Author: A. R. Basov
Title: Spirit of the Warrior. The Philosophy of Will
Price: $250 – special edition, illustrated by Tatiana Basova (PRE-ORDER)

Send us a message if you are interested in purchasing it.

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First edition (2020):
- Illustrated (8 color illustrations and multible b/w illustrations)
- Compatible with PCs and mobile devices
- Easy to read on a smartphone screen!

Price: $25 (USD)
(a protected PDF eBook
compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS)

The book is not printable.
More information on the Ascension eBook.

||| You can read several chapters and quotes from the book |||

1. Land of Yamato
2. The Way of Gods
3. Penetration of Buddhism and Confucianism in Japan. Amalgamation of Religions
4. The Emperor and His Court
5. Origin and Development of The Samurai
6. Turmoil and The Samurai Rise to Power
7. The Great War Between the Taira and Minamoto Clans
8. Come and Take Him!
9. The Fate of Yoshitsune Minamoto (1159-1189)
10. The First Shogun
11. The Mystical and Religious Worlds of the Samurai
12. Samurai Views on Life and Death
13. Harakiri

14. The Sword
15. Giri
16. The Way of the Sword: The Samurai Spiritual and Psychological Training System
17. Ronin
18. The Burden of Heaven
19. Samurai Society. The Samurai and Family
20. Sword and Kin
21. Mongol Invasion
22. The Ordeal
23. Fall of The Kamakura Shogunate
24. The Emperor Endeavors to Retrieve Power. Confrontation of the The New Dynasty of Shoguns
25. Golden Age of The Samurai. The Onin War. Provincial Wars
26. Feudal Wars. First Contact with Europeans. National Integration

27. Toyotomi Hideyoshi
28. The Great Dictator
29. Sparrows Can’t Think Like Eagles
30. Peace and Isolation
31. Musashi
32. Victory by Calmness
33. The Forty-Seven Ronin
34. The Black Ships
35. A New Age. The Abolishment of the Samurai Class
36. The Yasukuni Shrine
37. The Ideal Is a Guiding Star
38. Epochs
- Japanese Characters (Kanji)
- Family Emblems (Mon)
- Timeline
- Gallery


I will not get lost...
The North Star is shining in the darkness...
The road to Valhalla, straight like a sword, is always in front of me!

Copyright 2000-2021 Alexey R. Basov, Tatiana Basova. All rights reserved.

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