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Why Does a Negative Perception of Russia Exist?

If to use an analytical approach (and that is the only approach an intelligent person should utilize), it can be stated with a great degree of certainty that the outside world has a negative perception of Russia and Russians. And such approach is absolutely justified. That is my personal opinion also.
Russia has been kicked out of all territories of the former USSR and formerly occupied European countries.  This is a historic fact. If Russia was kicked out, that means that there were reasons to do so. Isn’t it logical?!  If other countries loved and respected Russia, relations would have been completely different. Isn’t it true?

The world’s  attitude to the Empire of the Tsars was much more favorable. And that is the fact.
And what is the difference between the Russian Empire on the one hand and the USSR (‘sovok’) and current post-USSR on the other hand? The answer is begging to be answered by itself: nobles and intellectuals were the dominant groups then. But later Bolsheviks practically eradicated these classes that, as described in Bulgakov’s “Dog’s heart”, resulted in Svonders, Sharikovs, i.e. feverish, vile, mentally and morally depraved mob substituting the nobles. That is why the USSR and Post-Sovok are righteously despised.

Who in the world can say something negative about Leo Tolstoy or Bulgakov? – No one!  They are considered the classics. And they were nobles! And what decent can be said about rabble and thieves? – Nothing decent at any moment in history. And what if rabble and thieves become the ruling class in a country?
That is the nightmare of today’s Russia.

But it would not be fair to paint all living in the country with the same paint. That would be Russophobia. Amazingly, some decent and smart people, who could have joined the ranks of the best in any country, are still present in Russia. Regretfully, they have no influence on the current and future destiny of this country.

Though, to be fair, we must note that a fatal degradation of moral values is taking place in the modern world. At the same time noble and intelligent people still exist but they are not a dominant class anymore.

That is obvious if you analyze the world as an elitist, i.e. a person preaching elite values. While nobles, knights, etc., i.e. the finest people, played dominant roles in the society, they established and maintained moral standards of very high quality. But when they were extinguished, the world plunged into rot and  frat values that had been considered disgraceful before.

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