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Unwavering Spirit

Where did samurai spirits go?
The rays of the rising sun
Open the roads of eternity.
Crystal warriors come to the human world
Like a distant echo...
A. R. Basov

Though my body may decay on the island of Ezo, my spirit guards my lord in the east.
– Hijikata Toshizō

Spirit crushes stones. Human bones and flesh are much less strong than stones. Nevertheless, a warrior’s fist cracks stones. There is no rational explanation to that.
In case of the slightest wavering or doubt, or a trace of fear, nothing will get done. Warrior’s spirit creates the energy of blow that breaks everything on its way…
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

A man who combined spirit and body does not feel the difference between himself and
the supreme world or between spiritual and physical.
– Mas Ōyama

The body is a vessel for the spirit. Bodily weakness often brings about faintheartedness.
Feebleness must not cause weakness of the spirit. Make your body strong!
This responsibility is yours alone.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack,
toughen the body, and polish the spirit.
– Ueshiba Morihei

Body and spirit are improved together, in harmony.
The body is improved through the spirit; the spirit is improved through the body.
The spirit frames the shape.
The shape frames the spirit.
If a person controls his outer state (body) on a permanent basis, his spirit will become stronger.
On the other hand, if a person constantly exercises his mind, strengthening his spirit, the latter will strengthen its vessel – the body.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

Also by training you will be able to freely control your own body, conquer men with your body,
and with sufficient training you will be able to beat ten men with your spirit.
When you have reached this point, will it not mean that you are invincible?
– Miyamoto Musashi, "The Book of Five Rings"

A weak mortal body weighs upon a human being, imparting faint-heartedness, fear
of death, and pain. If this frightens you, you will remain a coward for life.
Comprehension of the immortal and indestructible Spirit is the Way to acquire
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

As a samurai, I must strengthen my character; as a human being, I must perfect my spirit.
– Yamaoka Tesshū

Everything is determined by a person's state of spirit. Spirit gives Strength.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

When your mind is going hither and thither, discrimination will never be brought to a conclusion.
With an intense, fresh and undelaying spirit, one will make his judgments within the space of seven breaths.
It is a matter of being determined and having the spirit to break right through to the other side.
– Yamamoto Tsunetomo

A warrior must maintain the equilibrium of Heaven and Earth, spirit and body, earthly life and spiritual life.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead.
– Ueshiba Morihei

Your unwavering spirit must embody eternal tranquillity and the inner readiness to fight.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

In strategy your spiritual bearing must not be any different from normal.
Both in fighting and in everyday life you should be determined though calm.
Meet the situation without tenseness yet not recklessly, your spirit settled yet unbiased.
– Miyamoto Musashi, "The Book of Five Rings"

Unwavering spirit and a swift thrust are the concept of Bushi-Do.
The medieval Japanese traditionally worshipped and admired the instant thrust as the utmost achievement of spirit,
the greatest art that is beyond good and evil.
A perfect thrust is Enlightenment, a category that transcends human apprehension…
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

The soul is the key to everything. Comprehend the spirit, master it, and you will
understand that you possess something that is beyond life and death, something that will
not drown in water or burn in fire.
– Uesugi Kenshin

On the other hand, if a person constantly exercises his mind, strengthening his Spirit, the latter will strengthen its vessel the body.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

The genuine art of the sword is formed when a warrior in a fight relies on his spiritual powers.
– Yamaoka Tesshū

An unprepared body cannot be the vessel for the supreme spirit.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

Do not let your spirit be influenced by your body, or your body be influenced by your spirit. Be neither insufficiently spirited or over spirited. An elevated spirit is weak and a low spirit is weak. Do not let the enemy see your spirit.
– Miyamoto Musashi, "The Book of Five Rings"

The consciousness must transcend the thoughts of life and death, good and evil; it must be concentrated only on the set goal.
Determination to advance no matter what – this is the audacious militant spirit that breaks the limit.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

A truly brave man is ever serene; he is never taken by surprise; nothing ruffles the equanimity of his spirit.
In the heat of battle he remains cool; in the midst of catastrophes he keeps level his mind. Earthquakes do not shake him, he laughs at storms.
We admire him as truly great, who, in the menacing presence of danger or death, retains his self-possession; who, for instance, can compose a poem under impending peril or hum a strain in the face of death.
– Nitobe Inazō

The death of the body is not the death of the Spirit.
The Spirit is indestructible.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

One should not fear the death of the body, but the death of the heart (Spirit).
If you realize that the heart does not die, there is nothing in this world left to fear.
Determination becomes unwavering. At this moment we hear the orders of Heaven.
– Ōshio Heihachirō

A Master's Spirit must be forged like a blade.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

With your spirit calm, attack with a feeling of constantly crushing the enemy, from first to last.
The spirit is to win in the depths of the enemy.
– Miyamoto Musashi, "The Book of Five Rings"

The mental state at the moment of death defines the subsequent rebirth.
The spirit chooses the material shell that it enters. This is why it is said that the spirit sets up the form.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

A real warrior must always be ready to meet his death. He must always be prepared to lose his life without hesitation at any moment.
Fear blinds the mind and paralyzes willpower. A warrior needs deliberate and calm determination, a mind free of illusions, and will harder than metal.
Do not mind pain; meet your death as if you do it every day, samurai!
This is the true Way of the Warrior.
– Daidōji Yūzan

The supreme Spirit is embodied in the idea of will!
Will opens the gates of Supreme Reality.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

When your spirit is not in the least clouded, when the clouds of bewilderment clear away, there is the true void…
By the void I mean that which has no beginning and no end.
Attaining this principle means not attaining the principle.
The Way of strategy is the Way of nature.
– Miyamoto Musashi, "The Book of Five Rings"

Spirit in its supreme development is above life and death.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"

For warriors it is essential to keep the spirit of combat in mind twenty-four hours a day, whether walking, standing still, sitting down, or reclining, never forgetting it.
– "Code of the Samurai: A Modern Translation of the Bushido"

Even if you hide underground a thousand steps deep, death will find you if your time has come.
Cowardice attracts misfortune. The brave despise danger, and it avoids them.
Accordingly, legendary warriors rarely died in battle.
The power of spirit is the most reliable protection and one should always remember it.
A. R. Basov, "Spirit of the Warrior"


Quotes are taken from
the book "Samurai. Spirit of the Warrior" by A. R. Basov

avaliable as an eBook (for Windows, Android, iOS) and a hardcover book (pre-order only).



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