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Spirit of the Warrior by A.R. Basov is available as a hardcover edition and an e-book for Windows PCs, iOS, and Android phones and tablets.

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Samurai. Spirit of the Warrior
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2 new books are in the process of translation/editing:

Samurai. Ascension

Samurai. Legend


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NEW: Samurai Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches based on paintings by Tatiana Basova,
featuring famous samurai, Bushido concepts,
martial arts symbols (karate, iaido, judo, aikido, etc.),
Japanese characters (kanji) and much more!
Worldwide shipping.

Samurai Embroidered Patches

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You can read a few chapters online:

Being a Warrior Is Your Religion
The Beauty of a Flower
Samurai and Old Age


And more interesting things in our BLOG!

Samurai Ethics

The Way of a Genuine Master

Call of Death

Unwavering Spirit

Legions of the Brave

The book Spirit of the Warrior by A. R. Basov is a creative research on the legacy of samurai. It contains numerous aphorisms and sayings of Japanese warriors, stories, and philosophical reflections. The focus of the book is the concept of Will - the basis of Bushi-Do. The book casts light on several aspects of the esoteric Samurai Doctrine which cannot be missed if you truly seek to comprehend Bushi-Do...

  • The PDF e-book works on Windows-based computers and on Android-based smartphones and tablets (through a special application). The application for iOS is out as well, so you can read it on Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads.
  • (Please note that the book is not compatible with Kindle and other e-book readers!)

  • As a classic hardcover limited edition illustrated by Tatiana Basova, who is also one of the translators and a Japanologist, it is for pre-order only; it will take one month to fulfill your order.
  • You can also watch the video about Russian limited editions of Spirit of the Warrior:







    Gallery: Warrior, Samurai, Viking Prints, Postcards, Paintings

    Visit our art gallery, dedicated to samurai, vikings, knights, warriors of different epochs, siddhas, and kshatriyas!

    The art by Tatiana Basova illustrates A. R. Basov's works.

    You can purchase a print (which goes with a certificate of authenticity), a postcard or a traditional painting (drawing)!
    You might also be interested in calligraphy works and tattoo sketches.

    Ueshiba Morihei: Comprehending the Universe ART

    Famous Samurai. Bushido Quotes video:

    Fearless Samurai: Sasaki Kojiro

    The Katana: Heart of the Samurai

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    Recent Updates

    02.11.2018 —New blog entries: Why does Negative Perception of Russia Exist?

    28.05.2018 —New patch:  Triplane!

    10.01.2018 — New painting — "Master Ueshiba Morihei: Comprehending the Universe". You can order it as a painting, print, or patch!

    Уэсиба Морихэй портрет Айкидо нашивка

    21.07.2016 - New photos of traditional paintings can be viewed in the PHOTO section. Acrylic paint, paper, rice paper, etc. You can take a look at our gallery in the ART section and order a painting, a print, or a postcard.

    Asgard art Samurai Zen Sword Art Lotuses on rice paper Kitsune


    13.01.2015 - The application for iOS is out!

    samurai ebooks

    13.01.2015 - Announcement: At long last, the fruition of our team of translators' many years of work is achieved: the eBook Samurai. Spirit of the Warrior by A. R. Basov is available now.

    09.10.2015 - Spirit of the Warrior (English edition) by A. R. Basov is due to be released in December 2015.
    It will be available in two versions: as a classic hardcover limited edition illustrated by Tatiana Basova and in the E-book format.

    The original artwork makes the exquisite design of the book complete. The fusion of the highest quality and sublime aesthetics makes the book a work of art in its own right. Only the finest European materials are used in the production of our books.
    The text is printed on textured non-acid paper. Each book is sewn and bound by hand.
    Each book is numbered.
    Spirit of the Warrior contains 8 color illustrations, printed on special paper with a metallic surface, and translucent paper between pages. There are also many black and white illustrations that add special charm to the edition. The book will become a worthy acquisition for your library, it will serve for generations.

    20.09.2015 - Dear friends! If you want to be informed about the book's status, drop us a message, and we will e-mail you when Spirit of the Warrior by A. R. Basov is released and can be ordered.

    07.09.2015 - T. E. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia print by T. A. Basova. Click on the preview to read more about him.

    07.05.2015 - New samurai and viking prints in our gallery! You can order traditional paintings, prints and postcards!




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