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Samurai eBooks;
Bushido and the Way of the Warrior

by A. R. Basov
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Author: A. R. Basov
Title: Samurai. Spirit of the Warrior.
The Philosophy of Will
(204 pages)

Price: $25 (a protected PDF eBook
for Windows and Android and iOS)

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The book is not printable.

The original artwork by Tatiana Basova, who is also one of the translators and a Japanologist, makes the exquisite design of the book complete. You can view and order these illustrations as prints, paintings, and postcards in our samurai art gallery.

Samurai Ebooks

Initially released in 2004, Spirit of the Warrior has enjoyed popularity in Russia and has become the handbook of admirers of the Bushi-Do Wisdom. It is popular among those who practice martial arts, as well as those who have an interest in medieval studies and our life from a spiritual point of view.

samurai eBooks
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    Currently, we are preparing a new book by A. R. Basov, Samurai. Ascension,
    and look forward to releasing the other books from this series in the future.

    samurai ebooks

    samurai ebooks

    samurai ebooks

    For what did the great warriors of Japan live and die? What is the sacred mission of a samurai? What is truly essential, not only for a medieval Japanese knight, but also for every true man of any epoch? You will find the answers to these questions in the new book, "Samurai. Spirit of the Warrior: The Philosophy of Will" by A. R. Basov.
    "Spirit of the Warrior" is a creative research on the legacy of samurai. It contains numerous aphorisms and sayings of Japanese warriors, stories, and philosophical reflections. The focus of the book is the concept of Will - the basis of Bushi-Do. The book casts light on several aspects of the esoteric Samurai Doctrine which cannot be missed if you truly seek to comprehend Bushi-Do...


    I will not get lost...
    The North Star is shining in the darkness...
    The road to Valhalla, straight like a sword, is always in front of me!

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