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Rune of Gebo

Rune of Gebo

Love is a Gift. Love gives you wings, leading to the true freedom. It is where there are no "opposites", no reverse position, the point where the two essences unite, the four directions meet - and disappear into eternity.

When you are not worthy of something, you can not truly possess it. What you can not truly possess will not come to you.

A Gift is the reflection of yourself in eternity. The reflection of what you are worthy of, as if in a mirror. The purer your aspirations are, the greater the Gifts come.

The Gebo Rune is the answer of the universe to the echo of the song that your heart sings. But it is you who chooses which song to sing. You are the one who attracts everything...

Tatiana Basova


1. Prints with the Certificate of Authenticity (numbered, signed and sealed by the Artist) - Limited Edition of 20 prints of each size:

A3 - $ 100, A2 - $ 120

Most digital artworks can be printed in A3 and A2 size, but we also make custom size prints - bigger or smaller. We can specify the size of any art piece from our gallery in centimeters or inches, just send us a message!

2. A postcard

Size: A5
Price: $ 5
20 postcards: $ 80! (+ the price of delivery)

3. Original traditional painting

It can be painted on canvas or on paper with acrylics or watercolor. To find out more details and the price, message us!

Rune Gebo Print Painting





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I will not get lost...
The North Star is shining in the darkness...
The road to Valhalla, straight like a sword, is always in front of me!

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