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Vikings: Beyond the Edge of the Earth Art, Print, Poster

Illustration for Book of the Warrior by A. R. Basov

Drakkar Viking Iceberg Art Print poster

Drakkar Viking Iceberg Art Print poster

Vikings: Beyond the Edge of the Earth Art

The painting is inspired by an abstract from the chapter The Northern Wind from Book of the Warrior by A. R. Basov:
"The North is austere but full of life. The endless sea swells with a variety of creatures; from tiny crustaceans to the massive whales who rest in these polar latitudes. The incredibly
transparent cold air vibrates with the songs of marine birds. Water and sky merge in the distance making it hard to discern where the horizon is.
As we stood before the Divine, we were hypnotized; awestruck by its vastness and power.
It was at once an austere and incredibly beautiful world where nature herself sentenced the weak to death.
We were proud to be there. No one had dared to challenge fate to this extent!
Niflheimrs 1 breath froze the water as we chopped the ice off of the heavy Drakkar with our battle-axes.
Each and every one of us knew that in spite of everything, we had to press on and win this battle with destiny!
Our ships head, the proud dragon, peered further northward with calm superiority. We sailed alone, feeling the power of the mysterious and infinite waters of
existence as the Fire of our spirits urged us through the ice.
Only this Fire can melt the eternal ice!"


Prints & Posters


Size: A5
Price: $ 5
20 postcards: $ 80! (+ the price of delivery)

Original traditional painting

I can paint a custom version of this painting with acrylics.
To find out more details and the price, message us!

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Drakkar Viking Iceberg Art Print poster

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I will not get lost...
The North Star is shining in the darkness...
The road to Valhalla, straight like a sword, is always in front of me!

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