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  1. john keats
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    John Keats

    Few people possess the courage and spiritual power to follow this way of death acceptance. Like the samurai said, knowledge of the Way is insufficient...

  2. Yamamoto Tsunetomo
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    Yamamoto Tsunetomo

    Tsunetomo held sacred the idea that reconciliation with the idea of death helps a person to transcend our plane of being and find the beauty and perfection beyond the reach of other people...

  3. mishima patriotism watch
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    Mishima's "Patriotism": love and death

    In the short story ''Patriotism'' by Yukio Mishima, the concept of loyalty and honor causes the young lieutenant Shinji Takeyama to choose between his friends and his country...

  4. samurai books. samurai ronin
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    In Japan, the samurai who did not serve a lord were called ronin, and almost every samurai had been one at some point in his life...

  5. Bushido books (chapter)
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    Land of Yamato

    Providence ordained a particular fate to Japan. The Japanese believe the Sun rises earlier in their boundless sky than anywhere else in the world. The picturesque and thought-provoking landscape...