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Tattoo Sketches and Art

We can create a tattoo sketch for you - whatever you have in mind! It could be anything Japanese, oriental, nordic, warrior-style...

If you want a tattoo with a phrase or a word in Japanese but are not sure about its correctness, do not worry! We know Japanese.

Have you ever wondered?

A tattoo is believed to have a deep sacral and mysterious meaning, and it would be absurd to treat what will stay with you forever thoughtlessly.
Today many people would love to have the sayings by wise and brave Samurai tattooed on their skin, so that the words could settle down in the people's hearts and generate their inner meaning into their life, transforming their personalities into what they desire to become.

Many people go to "specialists" that do not know the language, the characters, the rules of calligraphy. And then these simpletons become the subject of mocking among those who know the language.
They turn into a walking parody, having meaningless words tattooed on their skin, for example: "kitchen", "I’m an idiot", and so on.

What energy do such tattoos generate? How will they affect your life?

samurai tattoo sketch way dou

To make a correct sketch in Japanese style or with Japanese characters, the artist should know the Japanese culture deeply, know the language, and at the same time have professional drawing skills.

We can make a special tattoo sketch for you
that may include characters, Japanese kanji (characters) or whole sentences,
any patterns you like -
something that would reflect your worldview and ideas.
Vikings, samurai, the beauty of oriental style...

Prices for tattoo sketches:

1. Japanese characters (kanji) tattoo sketch (words and terms + a detailed explanation of all meanings):
1-4 characters, three versions: from $50.

Japanese characters tattoo sketch

2. Japanese phrases and sentences tattoo sketches (1-3 lines), that require a translation into Japanese or a search of an original Japanese quote (for example, from Hagakure). Three versions. From $100.

Japanese phrases and sentences tattoo sketches

3. Black&white simple tattoo sketches, minimalism, lineart, silhouettes, simple shading. From $50.

Samurai tattoo sketch

4.Realism black&white tattoo sketches. From $100.

Samurai tattoo sketch

5. Simple flat (or almost flat) colored tattoo sketches. Dark contours and simple color. Prices are based on the amount of details, the size, etc. Contact us and describe your idea.

Samurai tattoo sketch Samurai tattoo sketch

6. Full Colored tattoo sketches. Complicated coloring and shadows, closeness to realism. Prices are based on the amount of details, the size, etc. Contact us and describe your idea.

Samurai tattoo sketch




Bird art


I will not get lost...
The North Star is shining in the darkness...
The road to Valhalla, straight like a sword, is always in front of me!

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