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We can create a unique tattoo design with meaning for you!
Tattoos for men and women, tattoos of people, patterns, words, Japanese characters...
When you're looking for a tattoo design with a word, a sentence or a famous quote in Japanese (e.g., from Hagakure), you may be worried about the quality of translation or calligraphy. You've come to the right place. Tatiana is not only an artist, but also a linguist who has studied Japanese; her level is N2 (Nihongo Noryoku Shiken), which is more than enough for this kind of task. She has also studied traditional calligraphy. She will provide a detailed explanation of every character she will paint for you.

We guarantee that your idea will be translated correctly!

In many cultures, tattoos are believed to be sacral. Believe it or not, they do affect our lives!
When choosing a design, think: what kind of vibes will it have? Will it truly reflect my identity?

  • 1-4 Japanese Characters tattoo

    japanese character bushi kanji tattoo design sketch art

    Japanese characters (kanji) tattoo design + a detailed explanation of all meanings. Kaisho ('square style'), gyosho ('moving style') and artist's unique style.
    1-4 characters, three versions.
    Example above: the word bushi ('warrior') 武士, 2 characters

    Starting from $20

  • A phrase or sentence in japanese tattoo

    japanese hagakure quote tattoo sketch art design

    A sentence or a phrase (1-4 lines) that requires translation into Japanese or the search of the original line in Japanese (e.g., from The Book of Five Rings).
    Three versions + info about the translation or the source.

    Starting from $50
  • Minimalistic sketches (black & white, clean and simple shading, lineart) tattoo

    torii japanese fan ronin samurai lineart tattoo design art sketch

    A silhouette of a samurai, a black & white kabuto helmet or a small drakkar? Perfect in this style!

    Starting from $50
  • minimalistic Flat-Colored tattoo design

    samurai oyoroi warriors japaese style flat color tattoo design art sketch

    A silhouette of a samurai, a kabuto helmet or a small drakkar, but in color! Flat or flat-ish coloring, minimal gradients.

    Starting from $70
  • realistic Black & white tattoo design

    drakkar tattoo black white tattoo design art sketch

    Realistic shading and gradients.

    Starting from $80
  • realistic full-color tattoo design

    samurai aikido nikola tesla full color tattoo design art sketch

    Realistic shading and gradients, in full color! Examples: Ueshiba Morihei tattoo, Nikola Tesla tattoo, a samurai with a katana tatoo.

    Starting from $100