traditional pieces and commissions

1. I can create a replica of any of my artworks if you prefer a traditional painting on your wall instead of a print. Reproductions are hand-painted with acrylics or watercolor on thick cotton paper of European brands.

Follow these steps to order an art piece:

  1. Choose an artwork in the Gallery.
    Send us a message that includes its name, the size that you want, and tell us if you want any details to be customized (e.g. different colors or background)
    We'll get back to you shortly with all the information about the price, the time needed to complete the work and so on. Prices depend on the size, amount of details, type of media, goldleafing, etc.
    50:50 payment structure: 50% in advance and the rest upon completion.

    Visualization: provide a photo of the wall you're planning to hang the painting on, and we'll create a visualization so that you could see exactly how your piece of art will look on it!

Watch a video about my "Buddha in the Ocean of Blood" 100cm (40") wide reproduction! Acrylics on paper + satin varnish.


2. You can commission an art piece from me. For example, the paintings "Nikola Tesla: the Moment of Insight", "Saint Nikola Tesla", "Joko Ninomiya", "Asgard Attack", "Masutatsu Oyama" were actually commissioned! Usually I paint only traditional pieces as commissions, but sometimes I take digital commissions as well (including tattoo art).

Follow these steps to commission an art piece:

Describe your idea in a message.
I will contact you shortly to further discuss your requirements.
Creative process: first I will create a number of digital sketches for you to approve. Since it's easy to make changes to a digital file, I will then paint a digital version of the commission before I take any brushes and paints into my hands. You will be getting regular updates via e-mail and taking part in the process—feel free to suggest changes! Once you approve the digital artwork, I will move on to a traditional work based on it.
When the painting is finished, you will receive high-relolution photos of the final result for your review and confirmation—we need to make sure that you like everything! After that I will carefully pack it up so that it doesn’t get damaged on its way to you and ship it in a mailing tube or box.
Creating a traditional painting may take from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on how difficult it is.
50:50 payment structure: 50% in advance and the rest upon completion.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

miyamoto musashi watercolor ink art

"Miyamoto Musashi: Meditation" watercolor/ink art with custom characters

samurai sword acrylics art painting

"Samurai: Zen and the Sword" acrylic art

More photos of paintings on facebook