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Ascension & Spirit of the Warrior by A. R. Basov

Read a few chapters from the Samurai Series online!








Bushido, The Way of the Warrior, Samurai
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You can read a few chapters online:

NEW! Sparrows can't Think Like Eagles
NEW! Origin and Development of the Samurai

Being a Warrior Is Your Religion
The Beauty of a Flower
Samurai and Old Age


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Samurai Ethics

The Way of a Genuine Master

Call of Death

Unwavering Spirit

Legions of the Brave

The book Ascencion answers the questions: Who were the samurai, these worshipers of beauty? These creators of an aesthete-murderer culture who lived on a razor’s edge and reveled in the taste of blood? Who were these valiant and virtuous warrior-philosophers who achieved ultimate freedom by rising above life and death?

The book Spirit of the Warrior is a creative research on the legacy of the samurai. It contains numerous samurai aphorisms and sayings, stories, and philosophical reflections. The focus of the book is the concept of Will - the basis of Bushi-Do. The book casts light on several aspects of the esoteric Samurai Doctrine which cannot be missed if you truly seek to comprehend Bushi-Do...

  • The PDF e-book works on Windows-based computers and on Android-based smartphones and tablets (through a special application). The application for iOS is out as well, so you can read it on Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads.
  • (Please note that the book is not compatible with Kindle and other e-book readers!)

    You can also watch the video about Russian limited editions of Spirit of the Warrior:

    Bushido Meditation: Shoulder to Shoulder (a chapter from Spirit of the Warrior)

    Gallery: Warrior, Samurai, Viking Prints, Postcards, Paintings

    Visit our art gallery, dedicated to samurai, vikings, knights, warriors of different epochs, siddhas, and kshatriyas!

    The art by Tatiana Basova illustrates A. R. Basov's works.

    You can purchase a print (which goes with a certificate of authenticity), a postcard or a traditional painting (drawing)!
    You might also be interested in calligraphy works and tattoo sketches.

    Ueshiba Morihei: Comprehending the Universe ART

    Famous Samurai. Bushido Quotes video:

    Fearless Samurai: Sasaki Kojiro

    Nikola Tesla: Moment of Insight

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    Recent Updates

    13.10.2020 - Read Harakiri, Come and take him! and Total Determination from Samurai. Ascension!

    15.06.2020 - Samurai. Ascension eBook is available now!

    09.04.2020 - Read new chapters from Samurai. Ascension: Sparrows can't Think Like Eagles, Origin and Development of the Samurai.

    09.04.2020 - Despite the events happening in the world, we still continue making prints and paintings and shiping them all over the world, as well as our Samurai book series that deal with samurai history and bushido philosophy  But if you don't want to wait, you can try our Samurai. Spirit of the Warrior e-book, compatible with PCs and smartphones, while we're preparing the other volumes.
    When it comes to our prints, they are produced on high-quality acid-free Hahnemühle or Canson paper using pigmented inks for longevity (extremely resistant, 118 years of guarantee!). Custom sizes available.
    Take care of your families and yourself!

    05.01.2019 - New paintings: A Saami Man and Moon and Crescent:

    08.05.2019 - Nikola Tesla Painting!

    1.04.2019 — New Spirit of the Warrior chapters added: Spirit and Body, Steadfastness, Sword

    02.11.2018 —New blog entries: Why does Negative Perception of Russia Exist?

    28.05.2018 —New patch:  Triplane!

    10.01.2018 — New painting — "Master Ueshiba Morihei: Comprehending the Universe". You can order it as a painting, print, or patch!

    Уэсиба Морихэй портрет Айкидо нашивка


    I will not get lost...
    The North Star is shining in the darkness...
    The road to Valhalla, straight like a sword, is always in front of me!

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