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Books about Bushido, Samurai Art, A. R. Basov

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Elite Spirit

We present to you our brand "Elite Spirit" that symbolizes the escape from the limits of material existence,
the overcoming of mortal nature and the breakthrough of an elite spirit into another, supreme plane of being.
In the ascention of spirit, in its shining the ideal becomes real.

Embracing the world with strong wings,
The eagle leaves it...

Elite Spirit. Books and Art about the Way of the Warrior

Thousands of books are written for the masses, but few for the Elite.

Elite Spirit is an exceptional philosophy designed for a strong-willed, self-contained, and intelligent person;
it is a Teaching that empowers a person to mold his character, amass force and, despite everything,
become stronger than circumstances.

The book series "Samurai" and "The World of Knights" by writer-philosopher A. R. Basov
are unique handbooks on elitist studies that contain in concentrated eloquent form
everything related to the philosophy of the Warrior, the Master and the true man.

You will never forget these books, and for some they will become manuals for their everyday life.

We present a new type of ideology and philosophy named Elite Spirit that is different from existing philosophical doctrines.
We carefully select quotes that correspond with the concepts of Elite Spirit, although the authors of these quotes and their views might be far from Elite Spirit as a Doctrine.

Elite Spirit as a Spiritual Teaching and ideology is not a social or political teaching. It is a Way intended designed only for personal development, for expanding an individual's potential to its maximum. It is the Way of comprehending the Wisdom of ancient Sages. One may notice a connection between Elite Spirit and some Ancient Greek philosophers of noble descent, find a few common traits with Aryan Vedanta and especially with the Teaching of Siddhas. There is also some resemblance with elite military cultures of the past. All these components of the Tradition that find their crystallized and concentrated reflection in the works by A. R. Basov, the conceptual philosopher and Elite Spirit writer.

 Elite Spirit was founded in 2000 by writer-philosopher Alexei Basov, the author of the Samurai book series, The World of Knights series, The Legacy of Siddhas series, and his wife Tatiana Basova, an artist and the illustrator of all Elite Spirit books, a calligrapher and designer. The concept of Elite Spirit is the Wisdom and Art of warrior cultures of the past, first of all сhivalry. It is a noble and powerful worldview, the philosophy of Sages and Warriors who do not change in their essence throughout history.
Elite Spirit presents it as a separate school, a separate ideology and art in a concentrated, doctrinal form, which distinguishes it from the rest.

“What a strange and desolate place, Teacher. Not a living soul around. The silence feels peculiar and crushing. What is it?”

“People are afraid to come here. Strange things happen. A fierce battle broke out in this valley many years ago. Back then, many samurai met their death courageously. The soil was covered in blood. By sacrificing their lives, the heroes managed to stop the hordes of bloodthirsty Mongols. Their souls are still here, still fighting their invisible, eternal battle. Their sacrifices and spirits protect our world. You are surrounded by the souls of warriors. Lower your head and listen. They will tell you what a Warrior ought to be like. They will teach you everything. You will see them…”

“I don’t hear anything, Teacher. Only the wind…”

“Listen. Clear your mind. Listen to the silence…”

Then, through the clouds and bright sunlight, an eagle swooped down, proudly spreading its wings. The eagle landed nearby and cast a fearless, clear look into the young samurai’s eyes and let out a piercing cry before soaring back up. The eagle’s cry tore the silence and opened the gates to another Reality.

The stunned samurai heard the voices of heroes, the clang of their swords, the outburst of their last brave attack.

He joined their ranks... Shoulder to shoulder....

I will not get lost...
The North Star is shining in the darkness...
The road to Valhalla, straight like a sword, is always in front of me!

Copyright 2000-2021 Alexey R. Basov, Tatiana Basova. All rights reserved.

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