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This is a chapter from the e-book Samurai: Legend by A. R. Berg

  • When we look around we see how youth merges into maturity, and maturity into old age. A youth becomes an adult within a few years, then a few more; flesh deteriorates, bodies die. In contrast to commoners who often think death is tragic, warriors accept it as fact.
    Warriors realize that their body is but a temporary shell encasing their soul; a means of fulfilling their missions on earth. Warriors strive to make their bodies as most efficient as possible for several years by staying in shape because it makes evolutionary processes easier.
    Great ideas navigate warriors down the winding and dangerous road of life. They must be strong in order to bring their ideas to fruition, otherwise their progress stagnates or halts completely. The way of overcoming weaknesses is the Way of Heroism! Strength requires that warriors do not waste time but use every moment to perfect their skills. Warriors must be relentless in their pursuit of perfection. This includes ever-changing incarnations which allow them to feel how much they have evolved, thus filling their lives with light and awareness.
    This feeling cannot be explained, only experienced, for it is one of the most exquisitely joyful experiences along the Way.

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    League of the Divine Wind by T. Berg (print & painting)
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    Even the greatest and wealthiest emperors leave this world empty-handed. Alexander the Great’s dying wish was to be carried upon on a litter before his warriors so that everyone could see his empty hands, “I take nothing with me when I go. That will happen to all of you.
    Remember about that! Live a dignified life, trying to fulfill your higher duty…”Alexander, just like Achilles, who he admired, was indifferent to riches and most temptations that mortals often crave. Like a true hero, Alexander was only interested in glory and achieving the impossible, going full throttle! He lived true to himself and made his death reflect his ideals.

    Nothing lives without spirit. It belongs to the higher world and death has no power over it. Spirit is the religion of the great, the purpose of their lives, the only reality and light amid the fog of illusion. It is the hidden dimension of great people’s true lives. It is hidden from mortals who look like people on the outside but are not evolved spiritually. Real warriors know that all you have achieved on the spiritual plane is  yours eternally... read further in the book


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    This is part of a chapter from Samurai: Legend by A. R. Berg
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