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This is a chapter from the e-book Samurai: Legend by A. R. Berg

  • Myth is more reliable than history, while consciousness is more tangible than the visible world. One of the most tragic, beautiful and, at the same time, most optimistic legends of all time is the story of the gallant prince Gautama finding enlightenment and becoming Buddha. It was prophesized that a great king was going to have an only son and that the child would possess exceptional and unheard of abilities. It was also foretold that his beloved wife would die in childbirth. The prophesy came true. The king was left alone, with only the memory of his beloved and a baby.
    The legend said that the king surrounded his beloved son Gautama, the most perfect of the mortals with starry eyes, with an artificial paradise so he would never suffer. At night, gardeners had to secretly cut the flowers that were ready to wither so that the prince would not see them. The wise king conducted one of the greatest experiments in the history of mankind. The exceptionally gifted Gautama received the best education and upbringing in an ivory tower while completely isolated from real life, surrounded by poets and sages. He had never seen the dark side of life.

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    When people mature, however, they must grow out of the ideal and pure world of their childhood while sinking deeper into the adult world dominated by greed, falsehoods and cold logic. Every day, the pristine, sunny world the soul originates from gradually fades and the adult world tightens the stranglehold, sucks consciousness into routine and causes a growing spiritual blindness. This is how people grow up surrounded by filth and vice and so get used to ignoring them. People can gradually get used to anything, from unpleasant smells to squalor and mediocrity, absolutely anything. The price they pay for this adaptation is that their best human qualities start dying. Reverse purification, or catharsis- the acquisition of abilities through purity and the perception of beauty- is possible, but it is very challenging and there are not many examples of it in history.
    Gautama’s father was far from stupid or blinded by his love for his son. Conversely, he wanted to save his son from spiritual blindness and help him ascend to higher planes. A warrior and poet second to none, Gautama was generous and merciful even to his enemies, something which eventually had tragic consequences. Because the prince was raised differently from others, his consciousness was unaccustomed to filth and not dulled by necessity; conversely, he was guided by wise courtiers to develop according to his natural talents and reach exceptionally high levels. Consequently, Gautama became the first adult to ever attain perfectly clear vision and pristine consciousness.

    But the time came when he was forced to meet death’s empty stare. Extremely shaken by this experience, Gautama’s eyes filled with unspeakable sadness as he abandoned his heaven on earth... read further in the book


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    This is part of a chapter from Samurai: Legend by A. R. Berg
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