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  • Fight on and fly on to the last drop of blood and the last drop of fuel, to the last beat of the heart.
    ― Manfred von Richthofen

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    A distinct aura of Purity and Nobleness surrounds people of a high spiritual varna, and it is their natural state. This is exactly what Baron von Richthofen was a faultless officer, respected and viewed as an Icon even by his enemies.
    ― A. R. Berg, Book of the Warrior

    Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (1892 –1918), more commonly known as Baron von Richthofen, and famous as “The Red Baron,” first in English, later also in German (Der Rote Baron), was a fighter pilot with the Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte (German Air Force, air arm of the Imperial German Army) during World War I. He is considered the ace-of-aces for his 80 air combat victories.
    Members of a prosperous family, Richthofen and his younger brother Lothar followed their father into military careers. In 1912 Richthofen became a lieutenant in the 1st Uhlan Cavalry Regiment of the Prussian Army. As a member of this regiment, he fought in Russia after the outbreak of World War I and then participated in the invasion of Belgium and France. When trench warfare settled in and the cavalry became sidelined, Richthofen joined the infantry. In 1915 he transferred to the Imperial Air Service and in September 1916 entered combat as a fighter pilot.

    A man must march into the unknown while living by the Philosophy of Action, which is his essence. As an inexhaustible conqueror and adventurer, he is attracted to Power and Action. If a man lives and breathes them, he is always vigorous and happy. Rejecting them, he becomes a lazy, weak, apathetic creature. But if he says to himself everyday “What an amazing adventure I’ve had!” then he is truly living. He feels elated. A man, like an ocean, needs a vast expanse and fresh wind to live.
    A. R. Berg, Spirit of the Warrior

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    He became commander of Fighter Wing I (Jagdgeschwader I), which, because of its frequent moves by rail and its fancifully decorated planes, came to be known as “Richthofen’s Flying Circus.”
    On July 6, 1917, Richthofen sustained a serious head wound during combat. He was able to regain consciousness in time to make a forced landing, but he was hospitalized and grounded for 40 days. Richthofen was not fully recovered when he returned to action. Although he suffered from headaches and nausea, he insisted on flying again.

    The Way is indicated by Providence. The Way of Spirit is the Absolute Way, the Way of Revelation, and the Way of infinite possibilities; following it is human destiny.
    A knight is inspired by Spirit; the embodiment of noble strength forged by the unification of spirit, mind, will, and body. A knight is deeply aware of this sublime supporting Strength. It allows him to virtuously transcend the routine and live independently.
    A. R. Berg, Spirit of the Warrior

    On April 21, 1918 Richthofen flew off with nine other planes from the airfield at Cappy, France. Soon the German fliers were in combat with a squadron of RAF Sopwith Camels led by the Canadian pilot Arthur Roy Brown. At some point during this battle Richthofen was pursuing a plane piloted by a novice Canadian pilot named Wilfrid May. When Richthofen flew across the British lines at low altitude, he was struck by a single bullet and fatally wounded. Before he died, he managed to land his red Fokker Dr.I triplane just north of the village of Vaux-sur-Somme, in a sector controlled by Australian forces. Still intact, the Red Baron’s bright red plane was soon dismantled by souvenir seekers. His eventual successor as commander of the fighter group was Hermann Göring.

    A Man should always remember: the source of his vital force is the right philosophy.
    A Man’s life is the practice of heroism.
    He should always be thinking of what extraordinary act of bravery he will perform next – something that seems impossible for anyone else. Keep your sense of heroism at the forefront of your mind and you will achieve anything you desire.
    ― A. R. Berg, Spirit of the Warrior

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    At a time when 15-20 aircraft kills were considered exceptional, Richthofen earned his legendary super-status and the coveted Pour Le Mérite medal (der Blaue Max, the Blue Max) by shooting down 80 enemy aircraft (all British except for one French plane). Legend has it that the Red Baron was a chivalrous knight of the air, who shot down aircraft but avoided killing enemy pilots.

    The invisible Wings of Honor carried the fearless Baron into the battles the others would not dare to start. He challenged Fate itself and gained the immortality of Glory!
    ― A. R. Berg, Book of the Warrior

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