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This is a chapter from the e-book Samurai: Legend by A. R. Berg

  • Our teacher was telling us about Buddha, the Way of the Samurai and the levels of a warrior’s initiation as we drank strong tea on a lush cliff and watched the infinite sea merge with the sky. He told us that out of his immense compassion, in one of his previous incarnations Shakyamuni Buddha let tigers tear him to pieces to satisfy their hunger. Warrior must understand the meaning hidden behind the Awakened One’s words. Obviously, warriors will not feed the tiger with their own flesh. If needed, they will stun it, but a tiger would never have the guts to even approach true warriors.

    Their mission is different. Buddhas build the bridge, Bodhisattvas help people cross it and warriors defend it. This is a noble and deeply meaningful duty. While we revere Dharma, it is important to be clear on both the similarities and subtle differences between the Way of the Samurai (which may also be called the Way of a Buddha Warrior) and Buddhist teachings. The better a warrior understands the teachings, the more he progresses in his initiation.

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    Buddha in the ocean of blood by T. Berg (print & painting)
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    ┬áThe first step on the Way is to cease being a slave to your desires by eliminating the unnecessary ones and realizing what you truly want. Then, you gradually feel like you have enough, leading to a peaceful state of mind and an unassuming way of behaving. Once you have has acquired this feeling, you may be poor and rich at the same time, for you make do with what you have and do not wish for things you don’t need. By understanding the essence of things you no longer need them, for the only genuine riches are those that can never be taken away.

    Realizing what is dearest to you detaches you from the maddening crowd, and years spent among dirt and noise give way to a refreshing spring. You no longer squander energy like you did before; instead, it is constantly replenished and multiplied. Your spirit soars like a bird and you begin pondering things you had never cared about before. Since truth can be understood through meditation, you find spirituality blossoming within, and spiritual longing becomes natural. This intense desire swells into a strong energy flow and right faith is born in your heart. Your belief in your ascension must be unwavering, and you must dispel anything that is contrary to it... read further in the book


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    This is part of a chapter from Samurai: Legend by A. R. Berg
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