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They Are Testing You

by Alexey R. Basov

In the shade of a stately boulder that had towered over that place since immemorial times, an elder and a young warrior-disciple were absorbed in a silent prayer. Harmony reigned in their souls - the perfect peace of feeling the unity with the great and eternal Nature.

Suddenly a shadow ran over the sun, and a stroke of lightning appeared out of nowhere and hit the stone with terrible might. With a strange dull sound, like an overwhelmed giant, the boulder crashed to the ground a moment later, breaking into pieces.

The ground trembled, absorbed the stone's immense weight, and emitted a sinister rumble that raised waves of primeval terror from its darkest depths...

The disciple sprang to his feet in surprise, his hand instinctively grabbed the hilt of the sword... He stood like a porcelain doll among the tumbling shards of stone...

The pungent feeling of sudden helplessness throbbed inside him...

Nothing could be done now... It seemed as if fate itself appeared before the disciple... The moment of inexorable doom overtook him and felt like an eternity...

How unexpectedly death comes. The realization that death was upon him became a profound shock for the young warrior-disciple.

For some reason, death passed him by no farther than the width of a human hair. Maybe, it could be, that death was still lurking somewhere nearby, as if playing or deliberating... touching the thin thread of his life with its sharp scissors. He felt the cold ruthless steel of the scissors, as if his soul were bare...

To cut or not to cut?

His eyes, wide-open in horror, searched in vain for the invisible enemy. The man felt the enemy like the terrible vibration that had penetrated his body.

The Teacher remained absolutely calm and unperturbed. Without even turning his head, the elder told the disciple:
"Of course, everyone is always old enough to die. Death strikes us like a flash of lightning. They say you cannot put together jasper that has been broken into pieces.

But, my friend, the great Mystery of Life is the fact that Life cannot be destroyed.

The skies have not collapsed. It is the darkness testing you. It is always trying to intimidate and take over those who lack faith or whose faith is weak.
Only fear can kill.
Only doubt makes a man weak.
You are a Warrior and you must absolutely believe in your invulnerability. You must have no doubts. Only then the power of the darkness will not be able to affect you, and you will become invincible.

You will become the energy that flows in the core of the Lightning of the Great Mystery.
Sit down and continue the prayer."

This is a chapter from "Samurai. Legend" by A. R. Basov.
The book has not been translated yet into English.
Only the books Samurai. Spirit of the Warrior & Ascension are available now.



I will not get lost...
The North Star is shining in the darkness...
The road to Valhalla, straight like a sword, is always in front of me!

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