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Enshin Kaikan Karate: Joko Ninomiya Art

Enshin Kaikan Karate: Joko Ninomiya Art


Joko Ninomiya: Prince of Karate

Kancho Joko Ninomiya, an outstanding karate master and founder of the Enshin style.

A student of Hideyuki Ashihara, Joko Ninomiya first began training in Kyokushin; he finished third in the first All-World Tournament (1975) and won the All-Japan championship (1978), but later started his own style--Enshin Karate-do, popular all over the world, and in Russia as well.

The name "Enshin" consists of two Japanese characters: "en," or "unfinished circle," and "shin," or "heart." It is known that sabaki (body repositioning), a type of circular body movement to get into the blind spot of your opponent to use their power and momentum against them, is a method actively employed in Enshin, but the name of the style also implies constant self-improvement that has no end like an unfinished circle, putting your heart into your training and being spiritually united with everybody following the same Way.

In the painting, Kancho produces the energy from his heart "shin" and creates the unfinished circle "en." The circle is alive and in the state of constant development, attracting the hearts of Kancho's students and guiding them on the Way.


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Original traditional painting

I can paint a custom version of this painting with acrylics.
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Enshin Kaikan Karate: Joko Ninomiya Art 2021

Enshin Kaikan Karate: Joko Ninomiya Art 2021

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