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Shinto Torii Gate Art

Shinto Torii Gate Art

Life of an ordinary person is no more than a tiny grain of sand in the Universe.
The samurai mastered utilizing В every single day and hour of their existence. They never wasted the treasure that is time, relishing every moment and deriving deep emotional gratification from the realization that nothing happens twice in this world. Such attitude filled their lives with a special meaning; the brevity of existence was what added a special kind of charm to it.
According to centuries-old traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun, the Shinto gate Torii symbolizes the fleeting nature of all existing things, acting as a visual reminder of the fact that in every moment of his short life, a man stands on the verge of Eternity and can suddenly find himself on the other side, having left the mundane world of the living and ascended into the boundless realm of kami.
During the course of our life we go through Gate after Gate in our sacral journey to Heaven... The watercolor&ink painting calls us to bear this in mind at all times and move only forward.

Every moment is unstoppable, it is the gates in which you cannot linger.

--A. R. Basov, Samurai. Legend

Torii Gates Samurai Print Painting


Prints & Posters


Size: A5
Price: $ 5
20 postcards: $ 80! (+ the price of delivery)

Original traditional painting

The art can be painted on paper with watercolor (see photo above).
To find out more details and the price, message us!

Find more examples in the Photo section and our videos on Youtube.

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I will not get lost...
The North Star is shining in the darkness...
The road to Valhalla, straight like a sword, is always in front of me!

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