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Yamamoto Tsunetomo Art - Hagakure Illustration

Yamamoto Tsunetomo Art - Hagakure Illustration

"Even if one's head were to be suddenly cut off, he should be able to do one more action with certainty. With martial valour, if one becomes like a revengeful ghost and shows great determination, though his head is cut off, he should not die."
Yamamoto Tsunetomo

The art depicts the reknowned samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo (Yamamoto Jocho), a famous Japanese author whose legacy is the work Hagakure (Hidden by the Leaves). It is one of the greatest books that contains a Teaching for those who want to become absolutely impeccable warriors. Tsunetomo held sacred the idea that reconciliation with the idea of death helps a person to transcend our plane of being and find the beauty and perfection beyond the reach of all other people.

Hagakure tells us about Bushi-Do and samurai life, describes the principles of the bushi class and how they acted at war and in ordinary life. Many things are based on the author's experience, for he had served the Nabeshima clan for 30 years; the book contains many stories and quotes by the members of this clan. Yamamoto Tsunetomo also comments on certain historic events and legends, e.g. the revenge of the 47 ronin.

"The name of the book itself is symbolic as it truthfully relays the true essence of Bushi-Do the things that are hidden from sight, from laymen, the true Teaching of Warriors.
Only those who contemplate the depths of the Teaching, those who implement it themselves, start seeing the flowers hidden behind the leaves of the mundane. Every day brings new dimension, new, beautiful flowers for a Warrior, inspiring his love, hidden from sight
If those who follow the way enrich themselves with knowledge, if the Way carries them like a Stream, it means that they have entered the Gates and have found themselves inside its Mandala, not outside of it"

- A. R. Basov, Legend

The kanji (Japanese characters) read "hagakure".


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Yamamoto Tsunetomo - Hagakure - Art Print






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