Samurai III: Legend

by A. R. Basov

  • Impatience, disappointments, anxiety, doubts, anger, the fear of loss and hundreds of other desires and passions hold a tenacious grip on the minds of ordinary people, thus controlling their behavior. Renouncing everything that clouds purity of thought and mind is therefore the simplest and most essential rule that a true Warrior must follow. Seasoned by Bushido, he reaches the state of pure, cold consciousness; like ice illuminated by the sun. From this metaphysical cliff he soars above the impotent waves of human desire and ignorance.

    This is why a true Warrior never regrets mistakes, wallows in defeat or rejoices in victory.

    A Warrior is always on the summit of the mountain where the infinite Sun of Truth shines and the pristine snow covers a path stretching into the distance, no footprints in sight.

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