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    The Way of the Samurai is the formation of will – the resolute pursuit of the call of Force. The will and morality of Force are directed only forward, enhancing the comprehension of Force on their own. Force is a thing-unto-itself; the Energy of the Universe. The only way to comprehend Force is through Force itself. If you grow stronger every day, then you are living correctly. Consciously empty your mind of everything that invites weakness.

    Everyone can figure out what makes them deteriorate, but few have enough willpower to reprogram their minds.
    Weakness is the curse of human race.

    The Way to freedom is in Force.

    There are no doubts and no hesitation. A Lord is a hawk. He is free in his element, his Will is in it, and he looks at the world from above. If your stare into the face of a predator such as a lion or hawk, you will see that they are steadfast and clear. Fearless, pure essence, Force. Preserve this look in your mind, and the Force will enter you too.
    Even if the whole world explodes and everything falls into pieces, you must believe.
    Søren Kierkegaard

    If a warrior loses his core, his martial ardor and strength will not amount to anything. A samurai’s calm determination stems from profound Faith, the source of which is Bushi-Do philosophy. Will combined with reason are omnipotent. Together they form a mighty and unflinching Spirit.

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    Bone is much weaker than stone, but a warrior’s fist cracks them. The only rational explanation for this is the supremacy of Spirit. The warrior’s spirit creates the energy behind the blow that destroys everything in its path. This debunks the notion of ‘common sense’ which is really just a mass of judgments formed by weak, insecure people. A warrior should be cautious but consistent in his attempts to overcome this barrier.

    The first step is to realize that common sense is an illusion, the labyrinth people trap themselves in. Common sense is in fact a model of consciousness, or ‘gravitation center’ that sets boundaries and makes people feel safe. But a warrior charges in the other direction, towards the dark abyss.

    He is prepared for the consequences, for he knows that the further he strays from the center, the riskier life gets. The unknown may have its ups and downs, but there is nothing more stimulating than embarking on a mysterious adventure.


    Torii Art by Tatiana Berg
    Torii Art by Tatiana Berg

    Faith must dwell in a warrior’s heart as his foundation and guide.
    Determination and willpower require courage. In fact, without will there is no
    Force – only chaos. Cultivate a no-limit state of mind. Overcoming your base self is the hardest task, but it is necessary. Throwing and receiving thousands of blows in every fight, then... Read further in Samurai: Spirit of the Warrior

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    This an abstract from the chapter "The Way of Force" from Spirit of the Warrior by A. R. Berg

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