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    A Master governs himself. He is wise and lives in harmony with himself and the world. He strong and noble-minded. The Master differs from others because he knows what is important in life, doesn’t entertain paltry thoughts, and always behaves in a worthy manner. He resides within the solid fortress of his spirituality and observes the world from above. He generates strength with his will and vital energy; he is a citadel of consciousness and has a foothold in emptiness.
    In today’s world, good and the bad are inseparable. It is often hard to discern where one ends and the other starts, and to learn to distinguish between them. A follower of the Way of the Master is not distracted by the vices and outlooks of the masses and his ideas tend to differ from the status quo.

    Do not take this world to heart for it is predisposed to devour the vulnerable. You should not care for anything below the realm of reason. Forge ahead along the metaphysical thread of your consciousness and willpower.

    Strokes of fate do not faze a Master. His will is harder than steel.
    If he falls, he finds the nerve to rise.

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    Life is a battle, and you must have the unwavering will to wage it! Incomplete endeavors and unmet goals signal defeat. While a Master suffers set-backs, he never acknowledges them and thus never loses. He who finds the strength to struggle in the most challenging circumstances is a genuine warrior on his way to victory.

    Fight, survive, fight…

    The Master must strengthen himself to the extent of losing the ‘pain reflex’, that is, sensitivity to misfortunes and losses. Instead, he transmutes pain into strength. By drawing strength from all available sources he becomes unconquerable.
    To become a Master you must train your mind through your will to root out your weaknesses. Also, stay active. If you’re feeling down, keep training until your clarity and vigor return. Fill your mind with the principles of Bushi-Do and your spirit will become unwavering.

    Adversity makes you sharpen your skills and keeps you committed to attaining your goals. Being victorious after an exhausting fight speaks volumes about the warrior’s spirit.

    Fatigue embitters your heart.
    Solitude is aristocratic.
    Pressure is good.
    One should appreciate challenges.

    A worthy man is able to endure the pressure of circumstances and surpass them.

    Whatever happens, remain calm; there is nothing to worry about!

    Do not be attached to anything, and do not depend on anything. If something is too dear to you, it may weaken you. Banish it; it is too heavy a burden.
    Spirit dwells in many places. The energy and clarity with which an idea is expressed is what makes it real in the physical world.
    Individualism generates honor. Always remember: a samurai must be proud. A proud man has acquired self-respect through worthy deeds. His pride is a virtue, not a sin. Submission and treachery are the greatest evils.

    A warrior must know himself to fight battles on his own. He must learn to be independent and fully self-sufficient.
    If a person gives importance to the opinions and behavior of others, he is always slow to act. A man must sail his own boat and live by his wits.
    A gift from Heaven. God did not equip men with fangs, claws, thick skin or armor, huge mass or great physical force. They are frail and vulnerable… But even a tiger won’t attack a man if he looks the beast fearlessly in the eye. When hard times hit, living creatures seek human support, they cling to people, trustfully yielding into their protection. Why does this happen?

    Because human beings were granted a special gift: the Spirit, the most powerful and supreme force in the Universe. Human beings have not yet fully understood the value of this gift, nor have they fathomed the power and responsibility that comes with it.
    From conversations with V. N. Morshankin

    Samurai art by Tatiana Berg
    Samurai art by Tatiana Berg

    The Way is indicated by Providence. The Way of Spirit is the Absolute Way, the Way of Revelation, and the Way of infinite possibilities; following it is human destiny.

    A knight is inspired by Spirit; the embodiment of noble strength forged by the unification of spirit, mind, will, and body. A knight is deeply aware of this sublime supporting Strength. It allows him to virtuously transcend the routine and live independently.
    Willpower is what carries civilization along. Acts of mental focus and volition to accomplish goals are masculine deeds. Those who deliberately cultivate their willpower understand that it is the key to everything. Paralysis of willpower is the gangrene of spirit. But action creates chances and possibilities. Setting goals lifts morale. Building a life guided by will and spiritual effort is a man’s business.

    Stagnant water turns into mire and dies.

    The ocean, however, is never calm and this is why it is eternally young... Read further in Samurai: Spirit of the Warrior

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    This an abstract from the chapter "Masculine Philosophy" from Spirit of the Warrior by A. R. Berg

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