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A Tranquil Heart

by Alexey R. Basov

The magnificent Sacred Mountain, covered with sparkling snow, towers above its surroundings like an enormous and invincible Citadel. The Mountain is unshakable even through earthquakes, fires, raging storms and the passing of epochs. Only She alone remains constant in this changing world.

Oh Warrior who follows the Path of Ascension!

  Samurai Fujisan

If Your spirit allows You to gather enough strength to ascend the Mountain and reach the top, You will see how petty and vain the world of people is... From the height, You will see the world as clearly as if it is on the palm of your hand... And You will understand the illusion of many things that seem so significant down there. When looked at from above, the mundane and fetishism of the daily life of people becomes transparent. The true causes for the occurrence of events cannot be hidden anymore.

Once you ascended the Mountain beyond the border of the Great Spirit for just a moment, you will forever remain calm and aloof to everything down below.
You will acquire a calm and pristine outlook on the events of the world that in Bushido is called Hei-Jo-Shin, which literally means 'A Constantly Unwavering Spirit.'

The goal of Bushido is to develop an Unwavering Heart (Spirit). Only great samurai whose spirit became similar to the great Fuji managed to reach that sublime and enlightened state. When you reach the mental state of the Mountain, all insignificant things will fade away because your consciousness will connect with the ocean of universal wisdom that is capable of viewing all things without distortions.

What will remain?
An astounding beauty of the rising Sun...
A subtle smoke of the brewing tea...
A barely perceptible scent of opening chrysanthemum flowers...

And the Spirit, perfect like a Sword!

Miyamoto Musashi painting (watercolor, ink)

* People have always connected mountains to the mysterious power of Nature and worshiped them as the retreat of Gods. Ancient Aryans honored the sacred White Mountain, ancient Greeks revered Olympus and the Japanese have worshipped the Fuji Mountain for centuries, and it has become a national symbol and a never-ceasing source of inspiration for artists and poets.

The book Taketori Monogatari says that the name Fuji originates from the word 'immortal' (fushi, fuji), but it can also be interpreted as 'thriving with warriors' (fu, to be rich; shi/ji, warrior), since many warriors climbed the mountain. In the language of allegories, mountains have always embodied the symbol of invincible human Spirit, sacred thoughts, and Heroism. That is one of many points where Japanese Bushido and the Aryan Way of the Warrior coincide. Names and terms may differ, but the essence stays the same.

This is a chapter from "Samurai. Legend" by A. R. Basov.
The book has not been translated into English yet.
Only the books Samurai. Spirit of the Warrior & Ascension are available now.

I will not get lost...
The North Star is shining in the darkness...
The road to Valhalla, straight like a sword, is always in front of me!

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