A Tranquil Heart

Samurai III: Legend

by A. R. Basov

  • The magnificent Sacred Mountain, covered in sparkling snow, towers above its surroundings like an invincible citadel. Despite earthquakes, fires and raging storms over the ages, it is unshakable. The Mountain alone remains constant in this changing world.

    Oh Warrior who follows the Path of Ascension!

    If your spirit allows you to gather enough strength to reach the mountain’s peak, you will see how petty and vain people are down below. Your vision will penetrate the illusion of all those things that they deem important. Their mundane and fetishized daily lives become transparent when perceived from above. Everything will be as clear as the palm of your hand. The true causes of events can no longer be hidden.

    Once you have ascended the Mountain beyond the border of the Great Spirit, even for just a moment, you will remain calm and aloof to everything below. Forever. This serene, crystal-clear outlook on the world Bushido calls Hei-Jo-Shin (平常心), literally meaning 'an unwavering spirit.' The goal of Bushido is to develop this unwavering heart or spirit. Only the greatest samurai who forges his spirit like Fuji can reach this sublime, enlightened state where consciousness unites with the ocean of universal wisdom that lets one see without distortions. All insignificant things simply fade away.

    What will remain?

    The astounding beauty of the rising sun...

    The ethereal steam of brewing tea...

    The barely perceptible scent of blooming chrysanthemum flowers...

    And Spirit, perfect like a sword!

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