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uesugi kenshin Portrait

Uesugi Kenshin was one of the most powerful military figures in 16th-century Japan. He changed his name several times in his life, finally taking the name Kenshin ("new sword") after taking the vows of a Buddhist monk. From that time Kenshin followed a life marked by celibacy and vegetarianism. He is often depicted wearing a monk’s turban/headscarf.
In an era of constant civil war, Kenshin’s military record was most notable. He successfully engaged some of the most capable generals of his time including both Takeda Shingen and Oda Nobunaga. Kenshin’s long-standing rivalry with Takeda Shingen, from the neighboring province of Kai, resulted in an epic series of battles between what turned out to be two evenly matched foes. Later on, Kenshin was able to beat the larger forces of Oda Nobunaga and stall his attempt to take over Japan.
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The glory and prosperity of my life was as good as a single cup of sake.
My life of forty-nine years is passed like a dream.
I know not what life is; nor death.
Both Heaven and Hell are left behind.
I stand in the moonlit dawn; free from clouds of attachment.
Uesugi Kenshin

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