The Samurai series by A. R. Berg & Art by T. Berg

(November 2023)

“A true teaching is passed on from heart to heart” is an old truth. This is just unbelievable how the author conveys the bushido spirit in his book!
T. Waters about the Samurai Series
(July 2022)

Such high concentration of thought!! So much to think about! Thanks!
John N. about the Samurai Series
(May 2022)

Five stars! I’m not the type to write reviews, like most people, I guess. I wish this book were only mine, so precious it is to me. But isn’t it a kind of egoism when you find something valuable and want it only for yourself? It doesn’t sound like a bushido guideline. That’s why I’m sharing my thoughts and wishing the author all the best.
D. Davis about the Samurai Series
(January 2022)

Undoubtedly one of the best books on warrior philosophy and strategy. For me it’s like a milestone on the way of trying to understand my life. Reading it every day. “If you can live without spiritual food, then you don’t need it - and don’t indulge in illusions.”
R. Merton about the Samurai Series
(December 2021)

I’ve just received the painting of Ueshiba Morihei. It’s wonderful! Can’t tear my eyes off it!!
S. Wilson about Ueshiba Mohihei Art
(March 2021)

Hi just to let you that we recieved your amazing painting today. Thank you so much, we just love it.
I have a sepcial thing with Tesla and I was under the impression that you felt that way as well.
A little word to let you know that Tesla is well installed in our living room!
And the wonderful postcard(we were amazed by the quality of it) found a new loving home as well.
Guérin et Alisée about Nikola Tesla: The Moment of Insight
(June 2020)

Here comes the frame :)
I love it!

M. Zeh on Nikola Tesla: The Moment of Insight
(June 2020)

In 2020, Tatiana was awarded a medal by Tesla Science Foundation for the painting of Saint Tesla

Teslas people medal
(Summer 2020)

When it comes to samurai movies, Toshiro Mifune is my favourite actor. Before, I simply enjoyed the movies starring him, until at one point I decided to learn more about samurai history and philosophy; why they were the way Mifune portrayed them — lone warriors, silent and determined, unattached to life. Alex Berg’s books are a plunge into the depths I had no idea about. The ideas that inspired my fave actor are way clearer now.
Beatrice L. about the Samurai Series
(January 2020)

Shiva and Shakti is my favorite painting by Tatiana; I’ve already purchased a few paintings and now I can’t wait for another one. Shiva and Shakti make me so joyful. There’s something so fresh and pure about the expression!
Maria Z. about Shiva and Shakti
(January 2020)

Hey Tatiana, I got Tesla last night! I still need to go get a frame and mount it on the wall but once I've done that, then I'll take a picture. I literally have been staring at it lol, I opened it in front of a friend and we were both quiet whilst we took everything in :D The schematic really pops out which I couldn't see before.
You have done an amazing job, I am very pleased. As I mentioned before, I was looking for someone to paint Tesla for a long time. I had this exact image in my head for so long, but I just couldn't pull the trigger until I found the right person. Thank you very much, it has been well worth the wait and the money!
R. Jones about Nikola Tesla: The Moment of Insight
(December 2019)

Love the quote “Harakiri… Tens of thousands of warriors chose it. They considered it their privilege and absolute proof of valor. It was how they attained full inner freedom, transcended human capabilities and achieved superhuman conscience and will. The samurai belief in the dominance of spirit over body, life, and even the instinct of self-preservation, gave them self-control and dispelled many enslaving illusions. He who is capable of dying with dignity would live with dignity, they used to say.” This book was an eye-opener. And I really loved the illustrations, they are so good. You just feel how much the artist loves the samurai culture.
John K. L. about the Samurai Series
(November 2019)



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