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The Samurai Series by A. R. Basov is an extensive study of bushido; the books describe the historical evolution and philosophy of the Japanese warrior in great detail.


Take a look at the art by Tatiana Basova, inspired by the samurai, bushido, martial arts, mythology, spiritual ideas and Nikola Tesla! Buy prints and paintings online.

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In the painting, the spiral coil merges with the Universe that, according to Nikola Tesla’s words, was the ultimate source of all of his ideas and discoveries. This is the moment of deep Insight, when the Genius and the Universe become one. 

What is Bushido?

what is bushido

the way of the samurai

Bushi-Do is a Way different from all other Ways. All Ways contain the fundamental idea of self-perfection and reaching Enlightenment. Bushi-Do contains this idea, too, but utilizes a notably different methodology to accomplish this great task. Bushi-Do advocates will. Active and unbending will becomes a super method and a special type of philosophy.

The Way of the Japanese knight spanned many centuries, which is unprecedented. Interestingly enough, even though it has become a cultural phenomenon it is not completely understood yet. In this endeavor, it is important to note that Bushi-Do grew on fertile soil infused with mystical ideas from different teachings, each one forming an integral part of the philosophy. Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen-Buddhism, and Confucianism, all added their special aesthetic to the Way of Beauty. Ancient soil richly soaked with the blood of wise heroes gave birth to a magnificent flower. One hidden from filthy souls. Its name?