Samurai Books and Art
Tradition of Warriors and Sages

Samurai books

The Samurai Book Series by A. R. Berg is an extensive study of bushido; the books describe the historical evolution and philosophy of the Japanese warrior in great detail. Available as PDF ebooks.

Art Gallery

Take a look at the art by Tatiana Berg, inspired by the samurai, bushido, martial arts, mythology, spiritual ideas and Nikola Tesla! Prints. Paintings. Art commissions.

Nikola Tesla art

In the painting, the spiral coil merges with the Universe that, according to Nikola Tesla’s words, was the ultimate source of all of his ideas and discoveries. This is the moment of deep Insight, when the Genius and the Universe become one. 

Samurai Art Prints

Art Prints

Standard prints and premium giclée prints of Tatiana Berg's artwork.

embroidered patches samurai martial arts warriors

Embroidered Patches

Detailed embroidered patches and appliques inspired by the samurai, martial arts and more. High-quality fabric and durable threads.

Tattoo design art sketches samurai warriors tesla

Tattoo Design

We can create a unique tattoo design with meaning for you.