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Oda Nobunaga Art

Oda Nobunaga

Oda Nobunaga was a Japanese daimyo of the Sengoku period regarded as the first "Great Unifier" of Japan. Stouthearted, audacious, and autocratic, Nobunaga was quick to seize on any promising new invention. He was the first of the daimyo to organize units equipped with muskets.
Another thing Oda Nobunaga has been characterized with, for the last five centuries until today: his favorite song and masculine dance called Atsumori, a warrior-hymn perfectly embodying the very essence of the Buddhist and Shinto faiths and the way of the samurai at once. Atsumori was made to be sung and danced to by one samurai, using a fan, without any musical instrument or, at most, accompanied by one small bongo played by an attendance.
Oda often sang and danced to this hymn, the best remembered one was in the morning of his very first 'against-all-odds' battle against the Imagawa clan of Suruga, when he was only in his twenties and having just a few hundred of soldiers, in an impossible war against tens of thousands.
But Oda won that battle.

The painting depicts him with a fan, dancing to Atsumori. Its lyrics:
"A man's life is only fifty years.
In the universe,
what is there but a lying dream,
Fleeting illusion.
Is there any born
Who ever does escape
from the death?"

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Original traditional painting

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