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Saint Nikola Tesla Art

Saint Nikola Tesla Art Painting

Saint Nikola Tesla Art

This painting of Nikola Tesla was commissioned by the non-profit organization Tesla Science Foundation specifically as part of their project entitled "St. Tesla Petition"a proposal to the Serbian Orthodox Church to canonize Nikola Tesla as a Serbian saint on the basis of many examples of his selfless acts so that Tesla could inspire scientists and engineers all over the world in a more spiritual way.

Selfless and dedicated, Nikola Tesla spent his life almost like a hermit in the temple of Science, created incredible mechanisms and made dozens of discoveries, which were way ahead of his time. In the painting, you can see Nikola Tesla, calm and serene, giving us his Lightthe Light of his heart. The angels on either side of Tesla are based on the famous fresco of the White Angel (Gabriel) from the Serbian Monastery Mileseva; it is one of the most known cultural symbols of Serbia, deeply admired in the country and not only. The angel on the left blesses Tesla, while the angel on the right supports and guides him. In the background you can see the sunrise over the forested hills of Nikola Tesla's beautiful homeland.

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Original traditional painting

I can paint a custom version of this painting with acrylics.
To find out more details and the price, message us!

Saint Nikola Tesla Art Painting

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